Use Solar Power on Farm

Solar power is quickly attractive alternative to many other types of energy. Sunshine is abundant and its energy can be saved, so that solar energy is inexhaustible form of fuel. Since solar energy is stored in batteries, its performance can move anywhere this great source of energy for farmers to make.

determining plant size and energy requirements to everyday electrical tasks to do. Calculate all energy indicators of irrigation to harvesting. This figure is in size of solar power array, required for the farm.

Use Solar Power on Farm

Use solar power to heat all of farm’s water. Solar hot water heaters serve as great way to keep hot water at ready without electricity. Hot water solar arrays are available in kits ready for installation.

Renovate barns and outbuildings to use solar power to light structures. Skylights and other transparent roofing will allow sun’s light to illuminate these buildings without need for expensive and energy draining light fixtures. Power farm’s electric fencing with remote solar panels.

Place photovoltaic cell panels along fence line at regular intervals to provide energy source to electric fencing. Provide solar power to farm’s irrigation pumps at remote locations. These solar panels produce enough energy to cattle well pumps anywhere on farm.

Distant cattle grazing areas will have fresh water pumps that farmer won’t have to connect to expensive electric power lines.

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How to Use Solar Power on Farm

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