Use Solar Power in Third World Countries

Electricity is in short supply in the developing world, where residents traditionally work or to study by the light of candles or kerosene lamps, wash with water drawn from local wells, and cook over an open wood fire countries. Solar energy can change everything. In countries where direct sunlight is abundant, equipment can be cheaply made, which are open in Sonnen ongoing renewable energy and provide light and power water pump and heating homes.

install solar photovoltaic panels close to home, the power needed. Mount it. On unshaded part roof or on the ground at an angle between 15 and 40 degrees of sight of the midday sun Link collectors bank of batteries through the inverter, the energy into electricity and charge batteries convert.

Use Solar Power in Third World Countries

To light up home, plug indoor lamps and appliances such as radios and television sets into battery power source. For outdoor lighting, install freestanding lights with self-contained solar cells. cells draw power during daylight hours which is retained for up to eight hours of darkness during which lights operate independently.

To automate water supply to dwelling, use solar electricity produced by panels to power basic pump. pump will bring water up from well and circulate it through storage tank. tank may also collect rainwater and will supply home using hosepipe and basic freestanding tap.

Make basic solar heater to warm water, using lengths of black landscaping tubing. Mount tubing on black painted board or plastic sheet, covered by wooden box with clear solid plastic lid. Position this either flat or at angle of 15 degrees facing sunlight.

Connect hose from water supply to tubing and provide outlet tap from length of tubes to use water that has been warmed inside. Make solar box cooker from two cardboard boxes by positioning smaller box positioned inside larger one with surrounding space filled with crumpled newspaper. Line inside of smaller box with aluminum foil and base with black paper to absorb heat.

Make reflector by covering sheet of cardboard with foil and positioning it over box at angle with foil facing into box to direct sun’s heat at cooking area.

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How to Use Solar Power in Third World Countries

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