Use Solar Panels to Heat Pool

Are you always use most of your pool, or your swimming season too short Would you like to be able to enjoy your pool to the warm days when the sun is beautiful, but the water is too cold to get in obvious answer, to heat your pool, but pool heaters to generate heat with fossil fuels. Solar panels, on the other hand, you can heat your pool water without environmental concerns. Think about how solar powered pool heater works.

Your existing pool plumbing draws water from the pool, pumps it through the filter for cleaning and pumps it back into the pool where cycle begins again. Solar pool heater is installed in the middle of the existing system. In addition, filters new lines are installed, carry the water on solar panel, where it is heated back to sunlight and went back into existing pipelines to the pool.

Use Solar Panels to Heat Pool

Deciding whether solar heating will work for you requires you or your contractor to Determine your home’s solar resource. Unfortunately, not all locations can accommodate solar pool heater. While unshaded area facing due south is best, area with southeast or southwest exposure that receives good deal of sun during day may also provide option.

Some locations just don’t get enough sun. Determine size of your solar heating requirement. In simple terms, your solar heating panels should equal at least 50 percent of square footage of your pool’s surface.

amount you want to heat water temperature rise will also affect how large area you need to cover with panels. Solar panels used for pool heating are usually unglazed not covered with glass , which makes them less expensive than glazed panels used for electricity generation. Solar panels for pool heating are commonly made of heavy rubber or dark plastic treated with ultraviolet UV inhibitors to help prolong their life.

The solar panels can be installed on any unshaded smooth surface. While most people put solar panels on roof, any open space close to pool’s plumbing is acceptable.

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How to Use Solar Panels to Heat Pool

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