Use Solar Energy to Heat Pool

While not all locations for heating swimming pool with solar energy are ideal, many pool owners succeed by had this alternative source of energy in reducing the cost of heating their pools. In addition to reducing electricity or other energy, solar energy is also environmentally friendly alternative. Even if your pool are unable entirely with solar energy into heat, you may be able to reduce your total cost. Locate your pool hose bib, which you can drain water from pool.

Most in-ground pools have such Bibs, but if you is not the case, you will be capable small pump need water from the pool to pump slowly. Hose so that the water in your pool bib circulates through the tubing. You can use instead of tubing for more robust system pipe.

Use Solar Energy to Heat Pool

Run hose or pipe through direct sunlight before water returns to pool. Try to keep it coiled together in order to maintain heat. longer water remains in hose, and sunlight, warmer it will become, so longer hose is preferred.

Fifty feet is minimum workable length. Cover your pool with thermal covering in order to maintain steady temperature. Solar heating is much slower than other methods, and you can easily lose heat overnight.

Insulate hose against breezes and other cooling. Something as simple as threading hose through 2-liter bottles with ends cut off can reduce cooling significantly.

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How to Use Solar Energy to Heat Pool

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