Use Solar Energy to Distill Seawater

Distilling fresh water from sea water is interesting experiment and may be life-saving ability, if you do not drink pure water. There are many techniques, but all are based on the same principle. Sun heats object, unclean water, water evaporates, and water droplets are trapped.

These water droplets are pure, fresh water. Besides seawater many other sources of non-potable water may be used including swamp water, urine and mashed vegetation. only water sources that can not sources are used with volatile chemicals such as radiator fluid, kerosene or gasoline.

Use Solar Energy to Distill Seawater

Nest clean, smaller, black, shallow tray inside larger white or silver tray. Place trays in direct sunlight. Collect some seawater and pour it into inner black tray.

Place clear plastic or glass dome or slanted Plexiglas cover over top of smaller black tray. It must sit tightly within larger tray so dome and larger tray are sealed. Cooling dome will increase distillation speed.

This can be done by setting outer tray in wet soil or sand. Sea water will evaporate from black tray and droplets will form on inside of clear plastic or glass cover. Droplets of pure distilled water will run down inside surface of clear cover and collect in outer tray.

When enough water has collected in outer tray, you may pour it off into another container to keep it clean, or directly into mug, cup or bowl for drinking.

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How to Use Solar Energy to Distill Seawater

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