Use Solar Energy to Charge Cell Phone Batteries

Cell phones are an important part of our lives. They keep us connected, we love and the people who earn money help. Keep your cell phone charged is the key is maintained for the crucial linkages.

Although most people use electric or battery-powered charger, alternative way to charge your phone is to use solar energy. Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger is ideal for people who love each camping, hiking and other activities outdoors include several days or weeks spending. It is also convenient for emergencies if you often take long road trips.

Use Solar Energy to Charge Cell Phone Batteries

The first step is to find solar-powered charger that is compatible with your cell phone. While most solar-powered phone chargers claim to be universal, each charger is compatible with limited number of cell phone models. Check charger’s specifications to make sure your model is covered.

You can also contact manufacturer via email or telephone to ask directly whether their product is compatible with your phone. You must now determine your needs. Do you need charger that works with only solar energy, or are you looking for hybrid model that can also work using conventional plug You can find both types in marketplace.

Do you need it to provide full charge, or do you simply need enough energy for emergency phone call Some chargers fully charge your phone in 2 to 4 hours of direct sunlight. Others only give you 14 minutes of talking time for every hour in sun. Solar-powered phone chargers range in price from about $10 to about $100 and above.

Most chargers are compatible with number of phones because they come with several small plastic adaptors. Once you have purchased your solar charger, find adaptor that fits your phone and plug it into charger. Keep other adaptors in case you get new phone, or in case other members of your family have different phone model.

To charge your phone, attach it to charger and place in full and open sunlight for number of hours recommended in product’s literature. You can also use charger on window sill or even on your dashboard on way to work.

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How to Use Solar Energy to Charge Cell Phone Batteries

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