Use Solar Energy in Your RV

Solar energy is another way to keep charged battery house in RV when camping and there is no electricity available. Even on cloudy days you will still be some charge get instead of solar panels up roof fixed. be good rule of thumb for panel capable of no more than 10 percent of the battery per hour review put amp.

be added for more charging power that can second solar panel on the roof and in parallel with the first. Cut short piece duplex wire is made of red wire and black wire from the roll, about 3 feet long, and place them for later use. Feed-duplex wire inside RV location near power distribution area, in the circuit breaker CB and fuses are.

Use Solar Energy in Your RV

Locate red and black wires that feed to battery. This can be done by using multimeter and checking for voltage at one of circuit breakers or on terminal post with all CBs turned off. negative terminal post will have black wire running to battery.

Disconnect all connectors going to negative terminal of house battery. Bare ends of red and black wires running from solar panel to distribution area using wire stripper. Using wire crimping tool and butt splice attach fuse-holder with 10 amp fuse to red wire.

Attach other end of fuse holder and black wire to input of solar voltage regulator. Attach one end of short piece of black wire, that was put aside, to voltage regulator output ground. Crimp ring terminal to other end and attach it to negative post.

Connect one end of short piece of red wire to output of regulator. Crimp ring terminal to other end of wire and attach red wire to post or CB where positive supply from battery goes. Secure solar voltage regulator down using self tapping screws and close panel.

Carry solar panel on to roof of RV. Turn panel over with face side down. Open cover to output terminals at back of panel.

Cut duplex wire from spool leaving sufficient length to mount panel and still leave some slack in wire. Bare ends of red and black wires and secure wires to terminals following instructions that came with solar panel and close panel.

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How to Use Solar Energy in Your RV

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