Use Solar Energy in Your House

More than 10,000 homes in USA use solar energy fixed as the exclusive power source for solar development, solar systems. Solar energy products using solar radiation as a fuel for a variety of applications, including household energy source. Extent to which you use capable solar energy in your home, can by geography, season, time of day, landscape and climate are limited, as all these factors affect how much sunlight is to your home available.

Start with simple ways to integrate solar energy in your home that do not require large investments in modern equipment. For example, dry in dryer instead of the clothes, hang them on a clothesline to dry. Use natural lighting as much as possible instead of electricity.

Use Solar Energy in Your House

South-facing windows usually provide most sunlight during winter months and minimal amounts of direct sun during summer, which may reduce air conditioning costs. If possible, add windows and skylights to maximize your home’s solar lighting potential. Update your water heater with solar-based model. According to Solar Developments, water heating costs in United States alone add up to more than $13 billion each year.

Energy Star-certified solar water heaters may qualify for tax credit of 30 percent of original cost, including installation and labor fees. Use solar heating systems to warm your home. Passive solar systems are largely based on climate and home design, since they depend almost entirely on climatic conditions.

Active solar systems use electric pumps and fans to circulate solar heat. Use solar panels to generate your own home electricity. Solar panel systems, also known as photovoltaic systems, convert sun’s energy into electricity.

Energy Star program also provides tax credits for consumers who install photovoltaic system in their home, as long as system provides electrical power for residence and meets fire and electrical codes.

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How to Use Solar Energy in Your House

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