Use Solar Energy in Schools

Many homeowners have power with solar energy as a cost-effective process for the production. However, performance requirements for the home are far less than for school buildings, so it is difficult to install and maintain solar power system in schools. Installation process will begin to calculate energy consumption of the building, which gives you idea of ​​the number of panels installed to generate a sufficient amount of energy.

Create a list of all electronic devices at school and appliances, solar energy is to operate is used. List will consist primarily of lights, air conditioners, fans and computers. Figuring total current requirement of the school to calculate energy requirements by each device.

Use Solar Energy in Schools

Resources that can help you determine these requirements can be found online. Keep in mind that formula for determining power need of each appliance is amps x volts = watts. Once you calculate power requirement of individual appliances, add them up to get estimate of least amount of solar electricity you need to produce to power school. Purchase solar panels to be installed on school building’s rooftop.

Because you are powering relatively large building, you will have to purchase great number of solar panels. federal government provides grants for reducing cost of solar energy installation, so you might want to apply for these grants, some of which are available through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009. Hire electrician or solar electricity expert to install and connect panels to school grid.

Since number of panels being installed is so great, it’s probably not wise idea to install them yourself. Solar panels are expensive and fragile, which is why you do not want to risk project. electrician will figure out location on rooftop that receives maximum amount of sunlight.

He will then install and connect panels to power inverters connected to building’s circuit breaker panel, which consequently provides power to whole building.

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How to Use Solar Energy in Schools

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