Use Solar Cell to Power Light Motors

If you are looking to power light electric motor to the project, you can use solar cell. Solar cell produces direct current DC, so for efficiency and simplicity, the engine must run on DC. works for motor cell must provide sufficient power at rated motor voltage and current.

Having a cell is not enough by itself, but if you join together a plurality of cells, they will produce collectively required power. Select solar cell voltage value equal to the motor. Compare electricity from amp motor and cell.

Use Solar Cell to Power Light Motors

If cell develops adequate current, use one cell. If not, divide motor’s required current by cell’s current, drop decimals and add one to arrive at number of cells. For example, if your motor needs 100 milliamps of current and your solar cell delivers 60 milliamps, 100 or 60 = 1.66.

Dropping decimals gives you 1. Adding 1 gives you 2, so you’d need two cells. Connect DC motor’s black wire to one lug of toggle switch.

Connect black wire of one solar cell to other lug on switch. Attach motor’s red wire to red wire on solar cell. Connect red wire of every additional solar cell to adjacent cell’s red wire, and its black wire to adjacent cell’s black wire.

To accomplish this, carefully strip about half-inch of insulation from middle of adjacent cell’s red wire to expose bare metal. Crimp additional cell’s red wire to this bare metal point with long-nose pliers and solder connection. When joint is cool, wrap it snugly with electrical tape.

Do same for black wire. Move motor, cells and switch into bright sunlight. Orient solar cells so shiny black surfaces face sun.

Flip switch to on position to get motor running.

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How to Use Solar Cell to Power Light Motors

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