Use My Vivitar Digital Camera as Webcam

The brand has Vivitar digital camera line from low to high quality designed for both amateur and professional photographer. They are easy to use and relatively affordable digital cameras entry level. Some camera models Vivitar, as Clipshot Vivicam 11698 and V15, are constructed as fun to wear cameras that can take pictures and video clips and even works as a webcam.

Webcam is needed to chat with family and friends to send video images in real time directly to them. Install the software that comes with the Vivitar camera when you bought it. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM and wait for Vivitar Installation Wizard to load.

Use My Vivitar Digital Camera as Webcam

Select camera model on drop-down list and click Install icon. This will install PhotoTags Express and PhotoTags WebCam Express plus camera driver. Connect USB cable from Vivitar camera to your USB port.

Make sure your camera is turned off when you do this step. Place your Vivitar camera where you intend to use it. If using desktop computer, you can place it right on top of your monitor.

If using laptop, put camera on flat surface next to laptop. Press power button located on top right side of camera. Open WebCam Express program which is located on your computer desktop or in your programs list.

Aim camera’s lens where you intend to take Webcam footage. Plug microphone into your computer’s mic port to include audio to your video.

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How to Use My Vivitar Digital Camera as Webcam

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