Use Healing Clay for Breast Cancer

It is estimated that breast cancer will cause 40,170 deaths in 2009 in United States alone. Because of these high rates, women often use several allopathic and alternative both to prevent and help cure breast cancer therapies. One of alternative methods of healing is clay.

clay has been long been used to mitigate and cure disease, because it removes toxins from skin. calcium bentonite clay or volcanic ash is particularly useful, as it can be both ingested and applied externally. Contains negatively charged ions and neutralize positively charged ions of toxins, bacteria, radiation and other harmful chemicals.

Use Healing Clay for Breast Cancer

Calcium bentonite clay is almost always sold in powder form. Ask for your doctor’s advice if you are planning to drink or ingest clay, and check with your dermatologist before getting facial or body mask or clay bath. Also, if you have breast cancer, ask your oncologist if he recommends clay therapy for you.

First, apply facial mixture. Using glass, wooden or clay bowl, mix equal parts of bentonite clay and distilled or plain water until mixture turns into smooth paste. Let it stand for few minutes and apply thick layer to your face, then wait five to 20 minutes until mask dries.

Wash clay off your face with warm water. Apply full body mask, dabbing clay about 1 inch thick all over your body, with exception of genital area, as well as any areas with open wounds. After clay dries, scrub clay from your body in shower or bathtub.

Take clay baths once or twice each week. To prepare your clay bath, scatter at least 2 cups of bentonite clay powder evenly into running water, filling bathtub. Soak in tub for 15 to 20 minutes in very hot water.

Make sure all parts of your body-except your face and sensitive areas discussed above-are exposed to bath water. Drink bentonite clay solution. Take it on empty stomach at least one hour before or after your meal or right before you sleep at night.

Start with daily dose of 1 tbsp. of powder mixed with 8 tbsp. of juice.

If there are noticeable positive results, such as increase in vitality, gradually increase dosage up to maximum of 4 tbsp. of clay daily, sipped in separate doses. Eat bentonite clay mixed with water.

Clay that is optimal for ingesting should appear very smooth and creamy and is tasteless. recommended dosage is 1 to 2 tbsp. daily, taken before meal.

Wait one to three hours before eating clay if you have just taken medication or vitamins.

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