Use Glass on Top of Solar Cell Panels

Traditional solar cells are made of crystalline silicon wafers. Slices are about centimeters thick and are highly polished. Grid of metal conductors distributed on the back of the plates, the thermally conductive cement is then fixed, so that heat to disperse cells from overheating and to prevent.

In addition, cells are usually covered with a thin layer of glass, the fragile cells protects against dust, rain and other potentially damaging elements. Construct containers for your solar cells. staggered Cut plywood to solar cells fit and trim to make 3 or 4-inch plate frame around the edge. Hole for wires to come down.

Use Glass on Top of Solar Cell Panels

Cut your piece of glass to fit over solar cell container. Plexiglass and Lexan are commonly used in place of real glass, but you can use tempered glass as well. Pre-drill holes in sheet of glass around edge where it will screw on to container.

If you try to simply drill screws directly through glass into wood, you will likely shatter it. Set glass on flat surface and use very sharp carbide or diamond drill bit — other materials will not cut through glass. Secure your solar panels in container by putting piece of caulk in middle of back of each cell, gluing them to substrate special backing , and then gluing this onto back of container.

Pull wires out through bottom hole and caulk it shut to keep moisture out. Fit glass over top of solar panels and drill screws through pre-made holes into 3 or 4-inch frame.

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How to Use Glass on Top of Solar Cell Panels

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