Use Frozen Foods to Make Baby Food

Many parents have found economic and nutritional benefits of baby food at home. Some choose to make baby food to save money, while others avoid additives found in baby food in grocery stores. Fresh produce, however, is not always best ingredient for baby food.

Frozen foods, especially those that are flash frozen soon after harvest, often contain more nutrients than those sold fresh. With little preparation, parents can turn any frozen fruit or vegetables in healthy food for baby. Fill pot with enough to cover vegetables or fruits that are cooking water.

Use Frozen Foods to Make Baby Food

Bring water to boil. Pour in vegetables and boil, covered, until tender. Frozen fruit should also be cooked for babies younger than eight months old, so they can easily digest it.

Remove vegetables from water and allow them to cool. Pour them in processor or food mill and puree until smooth. You can feed your baby immediately or place puree in refrigerator as soon as possible.

Keep it refrigerated for no more than three days. To freeze puree for longer storage, fill ice cube tray with cool puree and place in freezer. We hope the information on How to Use Frozen Foods to Make Baby Food is helpful to you.

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How to Use Frozen Foods to Make Baby Food

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