Use Didi Seven Stain Remover

Didi Seven was developed in Germany in 1967 as a focused, easy-to-use stain remover for almost any product or material. Interwood Direct, Canadian company distributes products in North America. Although Didi Seven is very versatile and effective, you must still follow normal stain removal protocol by testing small, inconspicuous area before trying to remove stain.

absorb excess stain-causing material with paper towels. Dab lightly – do not rub – towels on spot. Use to remove small, soft brush any excess particles if spot of solid material such as vomit or strawberry jam is.

Use Didi Seven Stain Remover

Rinse stained material with water. Use cold or hot water depending on stain-causing item see References . Apply Didi Seven.

Put dime-sized amount of Didi Seven on stain using soft washcloth or rag. For textured fabrics, such as carpeting and upholstery, spread Didi Seven using soft-bristled brush. Apply teaspoon of warm water and gently spread Didi Seven over affected area until it dissolves into fabric.

Let Didi Seven set in fabric for no more than five minutes. Use less time for delicate fabrics such as thin cotton or silk. Rinse Didi Seven residue from material completely with cool water.

Blot fabric dry. If stained item is machine washable, launder as usual per manufacturer’s instructions. If stain remains, repeat first three steps using tablespoon of boiling hot water to dissolve Didi Seven into fabric.

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