Use Credit Card to Wire Money

When you need to transfer money quickly, it is usually more convenient to use your credit card. You will eliminate trip to the bank or ATM to get cash and travel to a money transfer service, as several electronic transfer services offer secure transactions online and by phone. Follow these steps and the money you need to send will be in the form of snap.

Decide the recipient can access the funds you are sending. Options include cash at specified places, mobile phone, bank accounts and debit cards. Find out how quickly the funds must be available.

Use Credit Card to Wire Money

Most transfer services now offer same-day service for additional fee or two or three-day service for less. Get all recipient’s contact information, along with bank routing and account numbers if funds will be sent to bank. Call money transfer service or visit website to find out fees and service options that are available at recipient’s destination.

Even largest wire services have coverage gaps outside United States, but almost all have convenient locations throughout North America. Choose appropriate service for recipient’s needs. You can send domestic and international wire transfers online or in person, using credit card at Western Union or MoneyGram.

At their brick and mortar locations, you will fill out paper form and choose additional services like recipient messages and test questions. Then you will simply swipe your credit card and enter your pin to make your transfer. Some locations without electronic processing will require your signature to authorize credit card transaction .

Both Western Union and MoneyGram require credit card issued in United States.

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How to Use Credit Card to Wire Money

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