Use Ceiling Fans With Air Conditioning

A combination of air conditioning and ceiling fans can keep cool all summer without costing fortune on energy bills. In fact, 2010 Article published in Bismarck Tribune energy savings rates around 15 percent of households turn their thermostats 2 degrees Fahrenheit only and rely on ceiling fans instead. Knowing when and how to supplement your air conditioning with ceiling fans, you’ll be well on your way to saving package on your energy bills.

Buy right fan for room. make and model of ceiling fan depend heavily on room you intend to put it in. large great room can easily accommodate 60-inch fan, while fan 36 inches is sufficient for small room.

Use Ceiling Fans With Air Conditioning

For home offices and other rooms with stacks of loose paper, go for fan with larger blades. These will create same cooling effect on lower setting, so you won’t have to worry about papers getting blown around. Be sure to note angle of ceiling fan’s blades.

Blades with angle of less than 12 degrees produce little breeze and waste energy without helping cool room. Blades of more than 16 degrees tend to create unpleasantly strong breeze. Choose angle between these numbers to suit your specific needs.

Check direction fan is rotating. During summer, your fans blades should turn counterclockwise. When standing directly below fan, you should feel downward breeze.

If you find that your fan is turning wrong way, flip switch at base of fan to change directions. Not only will downward breeze create cooling effect, it will help evenly distribute cool air coming from vents. Raise your thermostat.

ceiling fan won’t save you cent if you don’t raise your home’s thermostat. While ceiling fans don’t change temperature of room, breeze they create causes room to feel about 4 degrees cooler. As result, you should be able to comfortably raise your thermostat at least 4 degrees.

Turn off fan when you leave room. Unlike air conditioning, fans cool room almost instantly, so there’s no need to leave fan on while you’re out of room. Turn ceiling fan off every time you leave, just like you would lights. Run ceiling fans instead of air conditioning in spring and fall. When weather isn’t hot, there’s good chance that some strategically placed ceiling fans are all you need. Turn off air conditioning and enjoy gentle breeze of fan until weather gets more extreme.

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How to Use Ceiling Fans With Air Conditioning

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