Use Batteries for Solar Energy

Solar energy systems use lead-acid batteries deep cycle charge from solar system to save. These batteries are more expensive than conventional batteries, but they have much longer life – up to 15 years. Batteries are used when solar panels are not connected to the mains.

additional energy generated from solar panels is used to recharge batteries, so there is electricity at night or during periods of low sunlight. Choose good position for the battery bank for Solar System. The batteries must be protected from the elements, but found in the area near solar controller.

Use Batteries for Solar Energy

best locations are on concrete floors in garage or in storage shed. Concrete can help regulate temperature of room. Determine number of batteries you need.

Home appliances run off of 12 volts, so using 12-volt batteries are recommended. You can use two 6-volt batteries as well. Larger batteries require power converter to change voltage to 12 volts. Most home solar systems use four or eight 12-volt batteries.

more solar panels you have more batteries you will need, as more panels produce more solar energy. Calculate number of 12-volt batteries you need based on number of solar panels in system. Install temperature control to battery room, if necessary.

Batteries can lose as much as 50 percent of charge when exposed to extreme temperatures. room must be kept at between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid this problem. You can also insulate battery box as alternative to temperature control.

battery box is simply box or frame that holds batteries. It is good choice if you want to store lot of batteries in compact space. Choose or build your own battery box and ensure there is proper ventilation because hydrogen is released when batteries charge.

If gas is not properly vented and allowed to dissipate, it can build up. High concentrations of hydrogen gas can be explosive. Connect batteries to charge controller using fused disconnect switch.

fused disconnect switch is handy as you can turn off circuit to batteries for repairs or cleaning without having to turn off entire system. It disconnects that circuit from main fuse. Batteries are attached in series.

excess energy from solar system charges batteries.

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How to Use Batteries for Solar Energy

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