Use Baby Powder to Style Hair

It’s great fun to create different looks for yourself changing her hairstyle. This can be bit difficult if you have fine or thin hair that tends not to hold any style for long. Many people recommend washing your hair at night and allowing natural oils in your hair to make it heavier just before style in morning.

This can create another problem, however. If you have blond or light-colored hair, which may end up greasy appearance. There are number of hair care products designed to help reduce oil, but can be quite costly.

Use Baby Powder to Style Hair

Knowing how to use substitute products can help you get style you want while reducing your costs. Purchase baby powder from your local drug store, grocery store or super store. Make sure to look at ingredients on powder before buying it.

main ingredient you are looking for is talc. only other ingredient I would recommend is fragrance and this is optional. Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder is good choice.

Wash your hair in evening if you want to style it in morning or in morning if you want to style it in evening. Baby powder tends to be most effective for hair styling 12 to 24 hours after it has been washed. Blow drying your hair is optional, however blow drying and using moose will help create volume and make your hair more manageable later.

To do this, comb small amount of moose in your hair after shampooing it and blow it dry. Open up baby powder by slightly turning twist top, when you are ready to style your hair. Apply small amount by gently pouring it along your hair line that frames your face and on part of your hair.

Use brush or comb to comb baby powder through your hair. Start at front of your hair line and comb back. Look in mirror to see if all oil has been absorbed by powder.

Add more powder as necessary until you achieve your desired look. Your hair should appear clean and light and powder should add some texture, making it easier to style. We hope the information on How to Use Baby Powder to Style Hair is helpful to you.

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How to Use Baby Powder to Style Hair

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