Update Your Bathroom for Less

A bathroom is a busy place, especially when customers are more. Over time, it becomes obsolete, both in style and quality. Before you know it, old fixtures, towels and outdated decor need replacing faded.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in materials and labor to renovate your bathroom, spend a few hundred dollars for simple transformation. When updating your bathroom, convenient stay, but add luxury touches here and there to preserve its value. Paint the walls of the bathrooms bright and neutral color.

Update Your Bathroom for Less

Colors such as pastel yellow, light green and beige reflect light so room looks larger, cleaner and more inviting. To balance neutral colors, put pop of darker color into your bathroom accessories, such as towels, bath mats, shower curtains and decor. Update your bathroom cabinet knobs and handles.

Whether you choose modern hardware for your cabinets or personalized hardware found at flea markets or garage sales, new hardware is sufficient in giving your bathroom new look. Even simply painting hardware different color gives room new style. Replace rusty and outdated towel racks, toilet paper holders and hooks.

Chrome hardware is inexpensive, sleek, clean and modern choice of material for new hardware. Update your bathroom’s fixtures. new shower head or sink faucet goes long way in inexpensively updating your bathroom.

Modern sink faucets and shower heads at home improvement stores cost as little as $50. If you’re not experienced in switching out fixtures, many home improvement stores will install your new faucet or shower head for you for added fee. Install bathroom lighting.

Recessed lighting or modern wall sconces add dramatic feel to your bathroom. Dimmer lights are ideal addition to bathrooms with spa tubs to accent relaxing mood. Installing new lighting is simple, even if you’ve never done it before.

Purchase organization bins for your bathroom. By organizing and removing clutter, your bathroom will seem larger since your eyes won’t automatically be drawn to clutter. For bathrooms lacking closets or other places to hide storage, use stackable bins for rarely used supplies and extra bath towels.

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How to Update Your Bathroom for Less

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