Unlock Bathroom Door in Emergency

All owners should know how to unlock the bathroom door in emergency. Many accidents occur in the bathroom due to wet surfaces and falls. Some of these situations can be harmful or fatal if the person does not receive immediate medical attention.

young children can lock himself in the bathroom and do not understand how to unlock the door. Insert the pin or rod into the small round hole on the outside of the door handle bath. inside lock has round button pushes to lock the door from the inside.

Unlock Bathroom Door in Emergency

Push pin or rod into small hole. pin or rod hits metal rod on inside to pop push button lock open on inside of door. Turn doorknob and open door when hearing click.

This sound alerts you that push button lock is now inactive. Insert tiny flathead screwdriver into doorknob hole on exterior of bathroom door. Wiggle screwdriver if need be to insert it into hole.

Turn screwdriver to left and right until it slides into slot. position of screwdriver does not correspond with lock position. For example, straight up and down does not mean it is locked and straight sideways does not mean it is unlocked.

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How to Unlock Bathroom Door in Emergency

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