Unclog Car’s Air Conditioning Drain

If you are hearing water running around inside your dashboard while driving or while air conditioning fan is high, you may have drain clog inside your car air conditioning. These clogs must be eliminated because they prevent water from draining and can cause serious damage to your air conditioning system over time. use of drain cleaners is bad idea because it also damages your vehicle.

Instead, use basic method for unclogging drain safely and keep air conditioning system of your vehicle functioning properly. Park your car on flat surface with adequate lighting, and apply emergency brake. Then lift car jack.

Unclog Car’s Air Conditioning Drain

Place jack stands below frame near front wheels for added security. Cut about 1 foot of metal wire and form hook at one of ends. hook will be used to grab hold of any clog in tube.

Go underneath engine and locate AC drain tube, which is small rubber hose. Detach tube from engine so that you have access to inside, where clog will be located. Insert wire, hook first, into AC drain tube.

Do not force wire, but twist, push and pull wire within drain tube until you are able to remove clog. Allow water to drain from tube after clog has been removed. Reattach drain tube to engine.

Move out from underneath vehicle, then remove jack stands and lower vehicle back to ground. Perform test drive.

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How to Unclog Car’s Air Conditioning Drain

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