Unclog Bathroom Drain

The drains in your bathroom sink and tub or shower area are susceptible to clogging due to the potential accumulation of hair and soap residue. Although the thought of throwing disgusting bathroom drain clog is unattractive at least, you should definitely appeal to your portfolio as a viable alternative to call a plumber. Before making any costly service calls, take a few minutes to try to remove the clog your bathroom drain.

Remove the sink plug or wire mesh over the top of the tub or shower drain. Spoonful of standing water in the tub or sink with cup or bowl. Pour 1 or 2 cup of baking soda down the drain followed by 1 or 2 cup of vinegar.

Unclog Bathroom Drain

Allow baking soda and vinegar to foam for approximately 15 minutes and then pour 1 gallon of boiling water down drain. Follow boiling water with regular stream of water from faucet. clog may be removed at this point.

Straighten wire clothes hanger and then make small hook on one end. Push hook end down drain until it stops, but do not force it. Turn hanger clockwise in drain several times.

Pull hanger gently out of drain. Place hair and soap residue that comes back on hook into trash. Repeat this step until no more hair comes out on hanger.

Run water into sink or tub to see whether clog is completely gone. Place plunger over drain and then pump plunger up and down in slow, steady motion for minute. Run water in sink or tub to check for clogs.

Place plumbing auger over drain. Turn handle until you no longer feel it moving. Reverse handle direction and pull auger slowly from drain.

Put any hair or clogging materials into trash.

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How to Unclog Bathroom Drain

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