Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

Power is only to move electrons in each direction. Solar panels, typically contain from silicon, electrons, which are at rest. When light from solar panel, receive electrons excited and move freely.

Harness this movement and electric power is generated. Create elemental conflict. typical solar panel is actually two plates with intersection therebetween.

Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

On one side, there’s mostly silicon with just bit of phosphorus mixed in. other side is also silicon, but with bit of boron mixed in. chemical properties of phosphorus and boron mix with silicon in contrasting ways.

Silicon is always in want of four electrons on its outer shell, and actively goes out in search of them. Phosphorus has five on its outer shell. Boron has three.

Sunlight excites electrons. silicon mixes with other elements, creating negative phosphorus-laden and positive boron-laden elements on two sides of panel. Make current.

Silicon is always in search of electrons to fill its outer shell. By combining it with phosphorus and boron rather chaotic situation happens. All those left-out electrons from negative side see all openings on positive side and vice versa.

They rush towards each other, creating junction of negative and positive, and something like riot occurs. Normally, negative charges can’t breach junction into positive side, but once equilibrium is reached and electrical field is created, external path allows positive and negative to exchange freely, creating electrical current–the movement of electrons in one direction. Align solar panels.

If solar panels are stationary and don’t move with sun–assuming you’re in northern hemisphere–you’ll want to point them as close to true south as possible, angled to your latitude. Keep in mind that you want as much direct sunlight as possible, so make sure path from sun to panel is free of obstacles and shade. Convert from DC direct current to AC alternating current .

Solar panels produce electricity in DC, but appliances in most homes run on AC. Not to worry. Many pre-made solar panels come with micro-inverter inside them.

It does conversion at panel for you. Sell extra electricity. If you want to tie into your local utility grid and sell your extra electricity back to them, you need to purchase grid tie inverter.

There are many different types of grid tie inverters out there, with smaller models for smaller systems starting at about $1,500 in 2010. You’ll need to match your solar panels, size of your system and grid tie inverter to each other.

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How to Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

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