Turn Outdoor Christmas Lights Into Solar

Solar power to operate your outdoor Christmas lights is environmentally friendly and save money project. By converting lights run your current Christmas solar power you can enjoy your Christmas lights without increasing your electricity bill. You could buy solar powered Christmas lights, but they are expensive.

You can also buy your outdoor lighting to convert solar power so you all year long to enjoy use of solar energy in your outdoor living space. Install solar panel where it most sunlight. Solar panel should come with installation kit.

Turn Outdoor Christmas Lights Into Solar

It is best to mount solar panel on roof of your house where it will get most sun and make wiring to Christmas lights easy. Connect solar panel to charge controller and then secure it as close to solar panel as wiring will allow. charge controller will have connecting wire much like your cell phone that will plug into output connection on side of solar panel.

Connect battery pack to charge controller. charge controller regulates charge and prevents battery from being over-charged. Connect positive red wire from battery pack to positive red wire on controller.

Do same with negative black wires. Most charge controllers will not need to be soldered, simply screwed down on battery posts. red wire will need to be attached to positive post which will have plus sign in front of it. black wire attaches to negative post with minus sign in front of it.

If there is not power switch on either solar panel or charge controller then do not connect charger control to battery until all wiring is complete. power switch must remain off until wiring is complete. Hang your outdoor Christmas lights and decorations.

Cut plug off strand of Christmas lights closest to where battery pack is located. Strip outside covering off Christmas lights about one inch from where plug was cut off to expose positive red and negative black wires.

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How to Turn Outdoor Christmas Lights Into Solar

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