Turn Bathroom into Darkroom

A free bath room is the ideal place for darkroom. From bathroom already has running water, space and electricity, already halfway darkroom. few hours can change additional bathroom fully functional dark room, just follow these simple steps.

block the light from the bathroom. room should be sealed completely from any light. Cover all windows with plywood or thick fabric.

Turn Bathroom into Darkroom

Use duct tape or weather striping to block out any remaining light. Make sure there is no light seeping in around door. If there is, use strip of wood or weather stripping to block out light.

Turn off light, shut door and check for light leaks. Take few minutes and let your eyes adjust to dark. Look around for any light coming in.

Block out any light you see. Repeat this step until you have complete darkness. Ventilate darkroom.

Install extractor fan to ventilate space. When using darkroom, chemicals in air require proper ventilation. Set up safe light in darkroom.

Safe lights can be purchased at most hardware stores. safe light brightens your darkroom but does not harm your film or pictures. Put waterproof table or bench in bathtub for your developing trays.

bathtub is best place because you can mix water and use shower nozzle to spray off prints.

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How to Turn Bathroom into Darkroom

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