Troubleshoot Zumba Fitness for PS3

Zumba Fitness game for PlayStation 3 entertainment system is exercise and fitness title software developer and publisher Majesco of pipes. Zumba Fitness uses remote control system PlayStation Move motion complement to PS3. There are number of PS3 Playstation Move and common issues that can affect performance of Zumba fitness game and require troubleshooting.

Check audio / video on back of PS3 if no output audio and video on TV. This cable comes with your system and consists of two sets of three points. Each tooth is different color.

Troubleshoot Zumba Fitness for PS3

There are ports for these prongs both on back of PS3 and back of your TV. These ports are colored same as prongs. Ensure prongs are matched correctly with ports. Change video input of PS3 if Zumba Fitness title still is not outputting audio and video. There is Input button at top of remote control. Press this multiple times to cycle through your TV’s available inputs. Only one of available inputs is assigned to PS3, and if another input is selected audio and video for PS3 and Zumba Fitness will fail. Continue pressing input button. Audio and video for Zumba Fitness will immediately be restored when correct input is selected.

Check positioning of PlayStation Move receiver if there is audio and video output but motion control elements with your Move controller are not responsive. Ensure it hasn’t fallen over and ensure that it is pointed toward you and is elevated off floor. Check batteries of your PlayStation Move controller if Zumba Fitness game is still not responding.

Slide battery cover off back of controller and remove old batteries, replacing them with new AA batteries.

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How to Troubleshoot Zumba Fitness for PS3

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