Troubleshoot Temperature on Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is virtually useless unless it can be effectively cooled by room where it is located. easiest way to solve problems with temperature is to rule out more common causes of problems before resorting to calling technician or replacement unit. temperature issues are sometimes caused by location of air conditioner or design of room itself.

exact location of buttons, parts and controls varies depending on brand and model of air conditioner. Stop using air conditioner if outside temperature is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit 18 degrees Celsius. Ford unit does not work as efficiently if intake air entering is already cold.

Troubleshoot Temperature on Air Conditioner

Open window and enjoy some fresh air. Turn up fan on control panel to get air moving faster out of front grille. You might find air conditioner does not cool your room as you would like if fan is set too low.

Fan speed is usually set by small dial. Turn off any heat-producing appliances in same room as air conditioner. Ovens, radiators and clothes dryers can all counteract cooling effect from air conditioner.

All windows and doors should be closed in room to stop air from escaping. Alternatively, you can turn on exhaust fan to remove excess heat. Remove all potential obstructions away from front of air conditioner.

air temperature in room takes longer to decrease if air cannot leave front grille properly. Common obstructions include chairs, sofas and curtains. Clean air filters and empty water bucket, if it’s fitted.

Air filters stop dust and lint from entering air conditioner and damaging mechanism, air conditioner may not work if air flow is blocked by dirty filter. Moisture drawn out of air is gathered in plastic tub on some models of air conditioner which, when full, reduces appliance’s efficacy.

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How to Troubleshoot Temperature on Air Conditioner

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