Troubleshoot Goodman Central Air Conditioning

Goodman your central air conditioning compressor includes outdoor and inside of coil at top of your oven. compressor pumps refrigerant gas to cool and cold air. It also removes heat and humidity inside your home by circulating hot air over indoor coil and pump it outside his house and pumping cold air inside.

Over time, compressor unit in Goodman central air system can fail. When possible, consult user manual for information on troubleshooting and diagram of designation of parties in system. Set thermostat in your home that controls your air system and central heating Goodman.

Troubleshoot Goodman Central Air Conditioning

Check to see if it is set on cool setting, and that temperature is set to cooler setting than current temperature reading inside your home. Go to where your breaker box located. Check all breakers to make sure circuit for air-conditioning compressor hasn’t tripped off.

If you find circuit breaker has tripped, you may have short somewhere in unit. Turn off breaker in breaker box for compressor. Remove cover on top of compressor, unscrew screws holding it in place.

Turn off power to compressor. Check to see if motor for fan or any wiring inside unit looks charred or damaged. Turn compressor fan carefully with your hand to make sure it rotates.

If it is stuck, fan needs to be replaced. Check for any debris in unit, such as leaves, sticks or grass, or to see if there is dirt on condenser fan or coil. If so, airflow may be blocked.

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How to Troubleshoot Goodman Central Air Conditioning

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