Troubleshoot Goodman Air Conditioning

Goodman air conditioner is two-stage system including compressor outdoor and indoor unit. Rather than simply cool home or office air conditioner works to remove hot air from interior space. system, then replacing hot air with air that has been cooled by blowing through condenser filled with freon.

Before calling for service, run through some basic troubleshooting steps that include cleaning air filter, electrical control box for fired switches and inspection of condenser coils debris. Check electrical panel of home if air conditioning system is not working. Reset any breakers have been tripped.

Troubleshoot Goodman Air Conditioning

Replace fuses that may have blown with others of same amperage. Ensure that thermostat is set at least five degrees below room temperature and set to Cool, not Off or Heat. Check for condensate spilling into overflow pan.

This can be enough to shut down air conditioner. Drain overflow pan. Check air filter if there is insufficient cool air blowing from air registers.

air filter is to right of blower unit. Pull off grille and remove filter. Gently knock filter against palm of your hand to dislodge any debris or dirt.

Vacuum air filter if it is excessively clogged. Examine all air registers in walls or floors for obstructions. Ensure that they are all open and that ducts are not crimped or disconnected.

If this does not remedy problem, air conditioning or heat pump system may be low on refrigerant. Have service technician investigate this. Inspect outdoor unit for any leaves or debris that may have been kicked up by mower into AC condenser coils.

Cleaning out debris will improve condenser operation and begin to produce cool air again. Ensure that all windows and doors are closed if desired temperature is not reached. window that is even slightly ajar can greatly diminish cooling effect.

Check outside condenser fan for burnout. Switch off all power to unit and unscrew top housing. fan is connected to top lid.

If it has burned out, have service professional investigate.

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How to Troubleshoot Goodman Air Conditioning

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