Troubleshoot Central Air Conditioning

central air conditioners can malfunction for many reasons. Fortunately, many of these problems can be solved easily and quickly without having to call expert. There are many types of air conditioners, but fundamentals remain same.

Once you know few things about these cooling devices, you will be able to identify problem and act accordingly if it means grabbing screwdriver and fixing yourself or call professional. Identify problem. two most common problems with central air conditioners are 1 unit is not cooling house and 2 unit has limited or no airflow.

Troubleshoot Central Air Conditioning

To find out what your issue is, go to one of cooling vents in your house usually on ceiling or floor and hold your hand in front of it. If air is warm, you have cooling problem. If air is cold, but not blowing hard, you have airflow problem.

If you have cooling problem, start by checking your thermostat. Make sure that it is set to Cool. If it is set to Fan or Off, change it to Cool.

If your thermostat is set to Cool and you’re still having cooling problem, your unit probably is low on coolant. In this case, call your air conditioner dealer and ask him to add coolant to your system. If you have airflow problem, make sure your cooling vent is fully open.

On side of vent, there should be small lever. Make sure it is pushed completely to open side. If this does not fix your problem, it’s probably because your unit’s filter is dirty.

To check this, find air intake vent. It’s rectangular and usually on wall or ceiling in hallway where air would be flowing. Set your ladder up underneath vent.

Use your screwdriver to remove all screws that hold vent grille to wall. Carefully take grille off and put it on floor. filter is usually blue occasionally gray, and should now be visible.

If dust and grime are covering up blue and making filter less porous, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. If your filter is dirty, it’s best to replace it. Buy air conditioner filters at most hardware stores, but they come in different sizes, so be sure to write size down.

size is usually written on side of filter, but if it’s not, simply remove filter by bending it slightly and pulling it out, and take it to store with you. If you’d rather not buy new filter, try to vacuum dirty one. Place filter on ground and gently run vacuum over it.

This is good temporary fix, but it will clog again faster than new one would.

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How to Troubleshoot Central Air Conditioning

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