Troubleshoot Central Air Conditioners

In hot summer months it is important to stay cool and hydrated. Water will keep you hydrated and central air conditioning will keep you cool. If you have problem with air conditioning, troubleshoot unit before service call.

Follow these steps to help you solve your central air conditioner. Look selector switch. Make sure selector switch is in automatic or together and in cold position.

Troubleshoot Central Air Conditioners

If selector switch is not where you want it, then set it to your desired position. Check power to your unit. You may have tripped circuit breaker.

Go to circuit breaker panel to see if this is case. If breaker is tripped, then flip switch. This shouldn’t happen very often.

Move thermostat. Set thermostat below temperature of room. This should turn central air conditioner on and begin to cool your room down.

You should hear fans running in your central air conditioner when it’s running. There is fan outside and one inside, they should both be running when unit is working properly. Go to your central air conditioner unit.

Your central air conditioner should be located either in your attic, utility closet, or basement. Once you’ve located your central air conditioner check to see if your unit is plugged in. Also, check to see if your condenser is clogged.

If unit is clogged, then call repairman to your home. Reset your central air conditioner. Find reset button on your central air conditioner.

Once you find it press it in to refresh your unit.

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How to Troubleshoot Central Air Conditioners

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