Troubleshoot Bryant Air Conditioners

Bryant central air units are composed of two separate parts connected by hoses and pipes equipment. condenser is outside and is large unit with fan and grille on top. It is inside of oven and distributes cold air through ducts.

Both pieces have power. If malfunction of air conditioner Bryant, you can try several things before calling your dealer or service Bryant. Make thermostat is set to cool position.

Troubleshoot Bryant Air Conditioners

Even if thermostat is set to low temperature, air conditioner must be set to Cool or Automatic rather than to heat position. Make sure outside air conditioning condenser is operating. It should be making noise periodically.

Check circuit breaker box or fuse panel. It’s most likely mounted on outside wall. Take look for disconnect switch.

Bryant condenser has its own and it’s most likely mounted outside near condenser unit. Check to make sure it’s in On position. Come back inside and make sure blower is running at Bryant furnace.

blower sends air into ductwork, and cooling won’t take place if blower doesn’t work. Check On/Off switch. Check that filters are clean.

Dirty filters will impede airflow. They are located in and around Bryant furnace. Slide them out, and clean them with vacuum.

Replace particularly dirty ones.

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How to Troubleshoot Bryant Air Conditioners

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