Troubleshoot Bathroom Vanity Light

lighting problems can be more than annoying, it can be dangerous. If you have a problem with your bathroom vanity light is not working properly, you can solve some problems yourself. From bathroom it is constantly full of moisture, which is very important to solve lighting problems immediately to prevent a short circuit or fire.

Always go to the switch box first to make sure breaker has not tripped. If you see the switch in the middle position and not to the left or right, then simply turn off and then on. Now it gets to zero.

Troubleshoot Bathroom Vanity Light

You may have bar-light type fixture for your vanity light. Inspect to see if any bulbs are burned out or loose. Even if bulb appears out, it may just need to be screwed in to make it work.

You can shake bulbs that are not working to determine whether or not you can see or hear loose filiment. If so, just replace bulb. Make sure not to exceed manufacturer’s maximum bulb wattage or you may cause fire.

This bulb rating is usually stated on small foil sticker located inside each bulb socket. If this doesn’t solve your problem, move on to next step. Use your electrical tester for light sockets and check each socket to see if they are getting power.

Usually, you attach one end to center of socket node and other end can touch metal side. Read tester instructions for exact directions. If light sockets are not getting power, move on to next step.

If light sockets are getting power, move on to next step or you might need to replace light fixture. Use your electrical tester with audio beep and check power at switch. Remove switch cover with screwdriver and remove switch itself as well.

Hold your tester to each of two terminals and make sure you are getting power. If wires are hot, but switch is not working, then replace it. Just color match wires to new switch and hook it up.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, go to next step. Remove light cover by using your screwdriver. Carefully pull electrical wires out of back of base.

Use your audio tester to see if it beeps, meaning power is present. If so, check for loose connections. Replace wire nuts if needed.

If this doesn’t get your light going, you may need professional electrician.

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How to Troubleshoot Bathroom Vanity Light

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