Troubleshoot Air Conditioning in Ford Mustang

Take few steps to try to locate problems in your Ford Mustang and possibly save lot of time and money spent on mechanic. air conditioning problems can sometimes be surprisingly easy solution. Start engine and adjust air controls on dashboard.

If they seem to work properly, but have no effect on air, then fuse must be replaced. Ford Mustang, fuse needs to be replaced is number 17. It is light green and has to be replaced by another of same voltage, which is 30 amps.

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning in Ford Mustang

Check control panel if air conditioning controls do not work as they should. They should offer right amount of resistance and click into place in right spots. Find control panel in Ford Mustang by first disconnecting battery and waiting one minute to disengage air bag.

Pry off instrument trim panel on front of dash and find control panel directly beneath it. Adjust air conditioning controls and listening for accompanying sound of blower motor. If sound does not increase with increased air or there is no sound at all then blower motor will need to be replaced.

It can be found under trim panel of dashboard on passenger side if car. Unscrew three retaining screws and pull blower motor off of its mount. Start engine of car and allow it to run while looking at compressor.

Look for obvious signs of malfunction. Touch both of hoses attached to compressor. larger one should be cool, and smaller hose should be warm but not painfully hot.

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How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning in Ford Mustang

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