Troubleshoot Air Conditioning in Ford Explorer

Problems with air conditioning can be quite common in many vehicles. Save lot of money by avoiding travel to dealers to have problem checked by taking few simple steps to try to solve problems of air conditioning in your Ford Explorer itself. Start vehicle and turn on air conditioning on.

Let engine run few minutes so that air can cool. Check to make sure you have selected appropriate buttons. This simple step can discover root problem.

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning in Ford Explorer

Adjust air controls on dashboard to see how they are working. If controls move way they should with proper amount of resistance and stopping in right places but have effect on air, then problem may as simple as blown fuse. If controls are not working at all, then problem is in control panel.

Get to fuse box in Ford Explorer by removing instrument panel to left and slightly below steering wheel. There is fuse remover provided in fuse box. blown fuse will have broken wire in it.

In Ford Explorer, this fuse is red number 10. Find control panel by prying off top instrument panel around air conditioning temperature controls. Unscrew four screws, one in each corner, and remove temperature control panel.

Unplug four electrical connectors and one vacuum hose to control panel. Listen for blower motor to be properly working while engine is running and air conditioning controls are turned to high. Adjust them from low to high to make sure blower motor noise increases and decrease accordingly.

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How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning in Ford Explorer

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