Troubleshoot Air Conditioner Freezing Up

The absence of air conditioning in hot weather can make climate of your home or office sticky and uncomfortable. Icing usually occurs when fresh air is not able to channel away from air conditioner or when outside temperature is too low. troubleshooting steps have right to efficient climate control again as soon as possible. Precise />
Troubleshoot Air Conditioner Freezing Up

Using fan will slowly melt ice and allow you to use normal air conditioning mode after short time. Try to use your air conditioning only when necessary. Reduce temperature setting of air conditioner.

Ice can start to build up inside appliance if it has been running on high for long periods of time. Turning down air conditioner will allow ice to slowly reduce on cooling coils while you continue to benefit from cool air. Move all furniture away from front of air conditioner.

Cold air must be able to flow away from appliance once it is blown out of front grille otherwise unit may start to ice up. Turn down air conditioner temporarily to allow ice build up to reduce. Consider moving air conditioner to larger room in your home.

cooling coils may ice up if British Thermal Unit BTU rating is too high for size of room. You should think about purchasing air conditioner with lower BTU rating as replacement.

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How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioner Freezing Up

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