Trim Hamster Nails

Hamster nails may like cat or dog to grow nails. Be sure your hamster’s nails to trim regularly so that they are not curled or split. to keep part of your hamster healthy holds trimmed his nails. to have

plan for two people available if you trim your nails Hamster. Find small tea towel and have two little cat nail clippers available. Select style scissors nail clippers rather than guillotine style nail clippers, for security reasons.

Trim Hamster Nails

Remove your hamster from his cage, and gently wrap him in towel with his front half exposed. Give hamster to your helper and have them sit down. Allow helper to give hamster small treat to eat.

Distract hamster with treat while taking note of his front paws. Look at nails to see if they are curling under or splitting. If they are beginning to curl, they need to be trimmed.

Be prepared by having small cat nail clippers and styptic powder or gel ready to use. Gently hold hamster’s paw to prepare for nail trim. Have your helper, move hamster’s head so he is facing towel in case he chooses to bite.

Allow hamster to chew on towel to reduce his stress. Begin trimming hamster’s nails, one nail at time. Trim very small amount.

Look for change in color in nails. Trim only tips. You don’t want to cut too far up, or you will hit quick in nail and hamster nail will bleed.

Trim little by little, so nails aren’t curling under.

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How to Trim Hamster Nails

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