Treat Teen Acne

These hormones not only make wilted cause mood swings in teenagers, but are largely responsible for these small red spots that appear regularly on their faces. Contrary to popular belief, acne eruption has little to do with dietary habits or lack of washing properly. Fortunately, there are ways to treat teenage acne, starting with prevention and including medications if necessary.

Wash your face twice day. Washing alone will not cure acne, because it is caused by hormonal changes and bacteria beneath skin, while maintaining free surface of oil will help keep clogged pores. Use soft cloth to assist in cleaning soft cleanser.

Treat Teen Acne

Slough away dead skin cells by exfoliating. Do this up to twice week to remove skin-clogging dead skin cells and debris. Choose exfoliating product made with small, smooth grains and containing no alcohol.

Check product labels for products that are alcohol-free. You might think that drying up excess oils on your skin may prevent acne outbreak, but in reality it will do just opposite. As natural oils are stripped from skin’s surface, glands go to work producing more oil.

Keep hands away from your face. It’s so tempting to squeeze or pick pimple away, but this only serves to make problem worse by driving bacteria further into skin. This will lead to permanent scarring, so resisting that urge can go long way to getting skin clear.

Choose facial products without oils. Makeup, lotions and sunblock need to be oil free and non-comedogenic so they don’t worsen acne.

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How to Treat Teen Acne

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