Treat Stress Acne

Your skin is largest organ that has so it makes sense that would be negatively influenced by factors such as stress. Scientists have found that high levels of stress can cause increase in outbreaks due to fact that stress weakens body’s defense system, which is less likely to be able to fight bacteria that cause acne. Stressful situations or emotions such as fear and anxiety can also trigger chemical reactions inside your body that make it more likely to suffer from inflamed acne lesions.

One way to treat acne is stress to minimize stress in your life. Make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Eat balanced, healthy diet exercise regularly.

Treat Stress Acne

Avoid junk food, soda and greasy fast food. Take long walks every day to ease any tension you may be feeling. These are all ways in which you can decrease internal stressors and help your body fight acne.

Once you minimize stress, you can begin to treat any resulting acne and hopefully prevent future stress acne by learning to manage your stress more effectively. Engage in activities that reduce stress. Take calming bubble bath, hang out with pleasant company, jot down any negative feelings in daily journal, watch funny movie or just take some time off work or school to relax at home.

Light some vanilla and lavender scented candles, dim lights and lie down to relax. aromatherapy from candles will relieve anxiety and ease any tension you may be experiencing. This will in turn help your body fight off infections that lead to acne.

Treat your acne by developing morning routine consisting of deep cleanser and acne spot treatment. Every morning wash your face with gentle, oil-free cleanser to treat stress acne that is still lingering on your face or body. Follow this with application of salicylic acid on inflamed acne lesions.

Try Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Stress Control, which is hydrating 3 in 1 treatment specifically formulated to relieve stress acne. Apply soothing, oil-free moisturizer all over your face to prevent excessive drying of skin. lavender scented moisturizer has added bonus of naturally relieving stress when you breathe it in.

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How to Treat Stress Acne

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