Treat Scalp Chemical Burns Caused by Relaxers

Scalp burns from chemical relaxers can hair follicles not only hard, weakening shaft and causing hair loss, but cause burns, dry patches and crusts on the scalp. Relaxers, perms and other chemical treatments contain harsh ingredients, especially alcohol, which can irritate scalps particularly tender. Treat scalp burns safely and effectively by investing in the right hair products and practicing healthy hair regimen daily.

sooth scalp rinse burns and irritation from scalp with gentle shampoo and cleaning in warm water. Hair sprays, fats and oils, have to be removed, as they contain alcohol and other drying agents. These ingredients may aggravate burns and can cause bald spots that are difficult to grow again. Use burns nourishes Leave-in Conditioner with Vitamin E as it dry scalp and treated chemical scalp.

Treat Scalp Chemical Burns Caused by Relaxers

Leave conditioner in for at least 15 minutes under warm towel. Air dry hair and refrain from blow dryer use. By allowing your hair to air dry, further damage to scalp can be prevented when by reducing high heat on scalp.

Take coin size amount of hair lotion containing aloe vera and vitamin E, part hair off in sections, and apply to scalp and to hair. Vitamin E can heal scalp burns and aloe vera can reduce irritation and itchiness. Do not pick or itch scalp burn’s scabs because bacteria often found under fingernails can create breeding ground for infection.

Use caution when brushing and combing hair. To prevent tangling, which can over time aggravate scalp burns, use wide tooth comb to separate hair. Start combing gently from ends, moving up toward scalp.

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How to Treat Scalp Chemical Burns Caused by Relaxers

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