Treat Scalp Acne Naturally

skin diseases are not just problem for teenagers. problem like scalp acne can affect anyone regardless of age. While name is scalp acne, this skin condition can affect other areas of body such as face, armpits and legs.

For less severe acne problems of scalp, there are ways to treat scalp acne naturally provided that person understands necessary measures. Wash your hair thoroughly with soda water. It may sound strange, but soda water helps dry infected area if any on scalp is executed.

Treat Scalp Acne Naturally

Then let it soak in for few minutes and then wash out soda water. Shampoo and rinse soda water out of your hair. Use white vinegar to rinse your hair before taking your shower.

Follow same steps as you did with soda water. After using white vinegar, you may want to shampoo hair with baby shampoo to get smell out of your hair. Sprinkle handful of baby powder in your hair and on scalp.

Then, massage baby powder into scalp. Let it sink into your scalp for at least few hours. Be sure to do this when you have nothing on you social calendar.

Shampoo you hair with natural products. Harsh chemicals can cause scalp acne and using milder natural shampoos can help eliminate or deter outbreak. This is after using previous 3 steps to get scalp acne problem under control. If problem persists or gets worse, see dermatologist for further treatment.

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How to Treat Scalp Acne Naturally

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