Treat Newborn Acne

Newborn acne is common condition, usually caused by maternal hormones. It seems that small red bumps on face, back, chest and neck. It may appear at any time from birth to six months and almost always goes away by itself.

It is painful for your baby and is not caused by something you’ve done wrong. There are some things you can do to help clean baby’s skin and prevent further outbreaks. Keep your baby’s face clean and dry. constant moisture can prolong baba or regurgitate baby acne.

Treat Newborn Acne

Keeping her skin free of excess moisture will help clear things up. Wash your baby’s face daily. Use gently baby soap and wash his face once day.

Repeated washing will dry out your baby’s skin and make problem worse. Change your laundry detergent. Use detergent designed for sensitive baby skin on your baby’s clothes and your own.

When you hold your baby, her face is pressed up against your clothes, exposing it to chemicals in your laundry detergent. Wash baby’s bedding and blankets in chemical-free detergent as well. Avoid baby lotion or baby oil.

Applying this to your baby’s face will prolong acne and make it worse. If your baby’s skin is overly dry, use light moisturizer once day. Don’t continually slather your baby’s skin in products. Avoid concealers and baby make-up on family picture day.

This does nothing but make newborn acne worse. Ask photographer to use soft, diffused lighting and to digitally edit photos to make acne less noticeable.

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How to Treat Newborn Acne

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