Treat Babies With Colic

Bring newborn home for first time is quite difficult. Imagine if baby cried nonstop for three or more hours each day. That’s what parents of colicky babies have to face at top of food, diapers and sleepless nights.

Colic typically defined as non-stop mourn for three hours or more hours, three or more days week. If this continues for two or more weeks, it is called colic. most common age for colicky baby is two to three months.

Treat Babies With Colic

Some experts believe gas is responsible for colic. Others believe it is just result of baby unadjusted to world. Whatever cause or reason for colic, it can be extremely difficult for parents to handle.

Not only do you want to help your baby with her discomfort, crying can get on your last nerve. Treating colicky baby has no particular science. What works for one baby may not work for another.

most important thing is to try anything and everything until your baby stops crying. Here are best methods for treating colic in your baby. Hold your baby upright and burp her.

Hold her against your chest and gently, but firmly, pat and rub her back. Many times colicky babies have lot of gas. If it doesn’t come out as burp, it can create horrible tummy ache hours later.

Bounce or do baby squats. Hold your baby how he likes to be held. Then, spread your legs slightly more than shoulder width apart with your toes pointed out.

Bend your legs and come back up. These are called baby squats and colicky babies love them. up and down motion, or bouncing motion helps to calm and sooth.

Swaddle your baby. If your baby has colic because she is unsettled in her new world, try swaddle to remind her of being in womb. Special swaddling blankets can be purchased at regular discount stores.

They typically have Velcro flaps that make tight swaddle quick and simple. Move his legs like he is walking. Lie your baby on his back.

Sit in front of him and slowly move his legs like he is walking. This helps move food and air through tummy and intestines. Babies that cannot roll over sometimes have difficult time digesting food and getting it to move through their systems.

Visit chiropractor. Chiropractors believe that different parts of spine correlate to every major organ and organ system in body. chiropractor that specializes in children and infants can check to see if your baby’s spine needs slight adjustment.

This is not as scary as it sounds. Your baby typically lies on your lap while doctor runs his finger up her spine until she flinches. Then, he uses 1 or 2 fingers to give light pressure to area. It is entirely painless for parents and babies. We hope the information on How to Treat Babies With Colic is helpful to you.

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How to Treat Babies With Colic

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