Treat Acne with Hydrocortisone

Acne can affect any part of body. Although more common in teenagers due to hormonal changes and diet, but can also affect adults. Pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations and drugs are factors responsible for acne in adults. Regardless of age, acne sufferers experience same problems of emotional distress and self-esteem. On positive side, however, there are number of treatments available in market.

A common treatment is hydrocortisone, which is available in creams, lotions, gels and sprays. However, it is important to treat acne properly in order to see results. Wash your face or affected area with warm water and mild soap. Pat skin dry with clean towel.

Treat Acne with Hydrocortisone

Wet affected area with warm water and massage exfoliating scrub into skin to open up pores and remove dead skin cells. Rinse skin clean with warm water and pat dry with clean towel. Do this two or three times per week.

Apply small amount of hydrocortisone cream, lotion, or gel directly on cyst or pimple. Rub it in with your fingers and gently work it into skin. Treat acne twice daily.

Hydrocortisone reduces inflammation and redness and relieves itching. You can find cream in over-the-counter strength. It is also available by prescription if you need stronger product.

If you’re using hydrocortisone spray, shake container and hold it about 4 inches away from affected area. Spray continuously for approximately two seconds. Protect your eyes if you apply spray to your face.

Do not allow treated area to come into contact with water until medication dries.

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How to Treat Acne with Hydrocortisone

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