Treat Acne on Chinese Pug

Pugs are loyal dogs, entertainment, love that will give you many years of enjoyment and companionship. Their wrinkled faces are one of features that make them hard to resist. However, those cute little wrinkles can breed bacteria that can cause facial pimples, acne or dog.

Fortunately, with proper treatment, condition of not leaving scars permanently adorable face of your pug. Take your pug to veterinarian. Confirm that acne is not symptom of scabies, allergies to food or parasitic infection.

Treat Acne on Chinese Pug

Apply hot compress to acne. Run washcloth under hot, not scalding, water, and wring it out. Press compress on affected area for five minutes to help open up plugged glands that are causing outbreak.

Do this once day. Wash your pug’s face. Run washcloth under warm water, and wring it out.

Pour quarter-sized amount of benzoyl peroxide shampoo on cloth, and gently rub it on acne. Rinse your pug’s face thoroughly, and blot dry. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 three times week.

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How to Treat Acne on Chinese Pug

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