Transfer Solar Energy From Solar Panel

A solar panel will generate direct current DC, when placed in the sun. This current can be used to provide some DC devices directly, but more often current through the wires run controller to load and then to the battery, where it is stored as a 12-volt DC. To this current use regular household appliances to power, inverter 12 volt direct current to convert from battery to 110 Volt AC AC.

Check. back of solar panel and observe maximum supply voltage and maximum generated by the panel power electricity This information is also in the installation manual that came with Panel when you bought it. Verify that panels produced voltage less than 20 volts. This means that panel can be used for 12-volt system.

Transfer Solar Energy From Solar Panel

Decide what kind of battery you want to use. There are batteries that are specifically designed for solar photovoltaic PV systems. They are called deep-cycle batteries.

12-volt car battery will also work, but it will not last as long as deep-cycle battery. Many deep-cycle batteries are 6-volt. If you are going to use two 6-volt batteries, connect them in series by connecting positive terminal of one battery to negative terminal of other battery with battery interconnect cable.

Decide where you are going to install solar panel and battery. solar panel should obviously be in place that gets plenty of sunshine — most often on roof of building. battery, on other hand, should be inside building in well-ventilated space.

But solar panel and battery should not be too far apart. Keep connecting wires as short as possible. Measure and write down distance in feet between solar panel and battery.

Buy charge controller for 12-volt battery. charge controller will ensure that battery is not overcharged by solar panel, which could seriously damage battery. Go to store that sells this kind of equipment or check out one of many websites on Internet.

Select charge controller for 12-volt system that is designed for maximum current generated by solar panel. Determine AWG gauge of wires that will connect solar panel to charge controller and battery. Read carefully instruction manual for charge controller.

It will usually tell you what gauge copper wire you will need to buy. Double distance you measured between solar panel and battery and buy this length of wire.

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How to Transfer Solar Energy From Solar Panel

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