Tile Bathroom Floor Around Toilet

Tile bathroom floor is more complicated than most other jobs mosaic, because grooming. tiles must be installed underneath it and cut around the toilet drain. Because curved cuts you need, it is best to use tile saw instead of standard tile cutter.

plan to be without the use of the bathroom for a few days, because you will have to take toilet and you can not reinstall it until after the grout is established. Turn the water valve behind the toilet clock needles to cut the water. Use your wrench to disconnect the water line to the toilet, then remove the screws that hold the toilet to the floor.

Tile Bathroom Floor Around Toilet

Move toilet out of room. Divide floor with two lines that intersect in middle with tape measure and chalk snap line, creating four squares. Check that lines are exactly perpendicular to each other, using square to check intersection.

Lay thin-set mortar over intersection, using notched side of your tiling trowel. Spread mortar over area larger than four tiles. Press four tiles into place at intersection, putting tile spacers between them.

Apply additional mortar and press in more tiles, building out along lines in grid pattern. Use your tile saw to cut tiles as necessary along walls and around tub and toilet drain. Allow mortar to dry for day and remove spacers.

Apply grout to floor, starting in one corner and working your way across. Use grout trowel to press grout into lines between tiles and pull it off surface. Wipe off excess grout with dampened sponge.

Allow grout to set for two days.

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How to Tile Bathroom Floor Around Toilet

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