The Trip Lever in My Bathtub Is Stuck

The lever operates hidden in his bathtub stopper in the drain. If you have not used the lever in time, you may find that it stuck. This is usually due to spring mechanism behind the faceplate.

Repair stuck lever bathtub drain requires the elimination of any mechanism tub. Often, simple cleaning solves the problem. If necessary, replacement levers are available in the centers of home improvement and hardware stores.

The Trip Lever in My Bathtub Is Stuck

Place towel or rag over bathtub drain to prevent dropping screws down drain accidentally. Remove two screws securing lever faceplate to tub with Phillips-head screwdriver. Grab lever and slowly pull faceplate away from tub.

linkage for stopper will come out of overflow pipe. Continue pulling lever and faceplate until entire linkage and stopper are out of overflow. Straighten end of cotter pin securing linkage to back of lever, using pair of needle-nose pliers.

Pull out cotter pin and remove linkage from back of lever. Brush spring on back of lever with wire brush. This will remove sediment and rust that is causing lever not to move.

Spray spring with silicone and work lever up and down. Purchase replacement lever if it will not move after cleaning. Sometimes mechanism is just worn out or beyond simple cleaning repair.

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