Texture Bathroom Walls

The bathrooms are typically smaller in the home, and wall space in these areas allow the decoration of some bold decisions. texture of the walls add interest to the space and can transform environment. stucco look Mexican complement the theme of bright colors, while the soft sand texture can complement beach-themed bathroom.

Applying texture to the walls is the project of two days. Apply one coat of oil-based primer on the walls using paint roller. This is important in areas of high humidity, such as bathrooms, providing additional sealant against mold.

Texture Bathroom Walls

Spread thin layer of joint compound or texture paint over portion of wall. Joint compound will allow for deeper, more dramatic textures while texture paint provides more subtle effect. Work in small areas of about four-by-four feet.

For joint compound, spread 1 or 4 inch layer of mix onto walls with broad knife, almost as though you are buttering bread. Texture paint can be applied with four-inch paint brush or paint roller. Texture surface of wall as desired while paint or joint compound is still wet.

variety of household items can be used to give wall different textures. Press your item of choice gently onto wall and twist, dab or swirl to get desired look. light sponging over texture paint can give deliberately uneven sandy look.

stiff sponge in joint compound will help you achieve stucco look. Swirling bristles of broom over joint compound will give you texture reminiscent of sky in Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Allow 24 hours for compound or paint to dry.

Apply layer of mildew-resistant semi-gloss paint over textured wall. high moisture in bathrooms makes mildew-resistant paint imperative, and semi-gloss finish will make walls easier to clean.

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How to Texture Bathroom Walls

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